HIV Stories

This page will hold the stories of people who were worried about HIV, who are HIV positive and living their life without a hassle or those who are trying to live. Open your mind, let the world know how you feel tell you story related to HIV. Many people from all round the globe go through the HIV fear one or the other time in there life span. This site had some space and so I thought why not to add a new section to the site. This will be something which will be dealing with stories related to HIV. If you are HIV positive, you can share your story of getting infected with other and mention you valuable comments on how to stay protected and how are you living with the virus. You can also write about your past experience where you might have become worried about getting infected and might have tested several times to get over the fear.

Aim for such stories will be to develop humanity towards positive people and educating people about how people are living with HIV and giving some insight into there life. The stories of those who are negative but were anxious and tested several times will teach others how to deal with stress, anxiety and related worries.

Do email your stories to (Remember to remove the underscores (_) on both the sides of @). You hiv related stories will be published here with a link similar to below ones.


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